5 ways to cope with Covid-19 Anxiety

Covid-19 infection numbers have hit 20 million worldwide, no countries are truly safe and cleared of the virus. France is facing a new second wave of the virus with more than 2,500 new cases in the past three days. The UK has subsequently removed France from the quarantine-exempt countries, prompting thousands of UK holidaymakers to […]

Top 10 Massage Techniques For Pain Relief

Are you familiar with the niggling feeling in your lower back? Or tight sensation around your shoulders, you just can’t seem to ward off? I put my hands up, I’ve been there. Not once or twice, but numerous times. The pain I experience has sometimes been so severe that it has made normal tasks impossible. […]

Top 5-10 Natural Foods that can help with Pain Management

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition. Lowered mental health scores, inability to focus or work, and loss of quality of life are all common consequences of common pain. Medically-speaking, the 20% of US adults who have chronic pain are often unable to find a safe pharmaceutical solution. The available pharmaceutical solutions often rely on dangerous […]

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